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The book industry has been going through changes for the past two decades. Since Amazon started selling books online over 2 decades ago, to digital bo...View Details

It is very difficult to make real connections with people these days. People are working from home and are generally stressed. They are overworked bet...View Details

Gyms were closed. Offices were closed. If you are like many business professionals out there, your life was essentially turned upside. Fitness and hea...View Details

Dreaming is a part of business. You need goals, but you also must have big dreams. This allows you to make decisions today that will lead you on the p...View Details

You probably felt your job was secure in February. As an employer you probably had an aggressive hiring plan built upon expected growth. In mid-March ...View Details

Can you force your customers or employees to wear face masks? What happens if your business is the scene of an outbreak? How do you protect yourself f...View Details

Everybody had a marketing plan for 2020 as of January. Mid March that plan got thrown out the window. Lifestyles have changed. Business has changed. W...View Details

Shark Bite Biz's inaugural podcast episode. Host, David Strausser, discusses the goals of Shark Bite Biz and lays out the journey ahead. The podcast w...View Details

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