The book industry has been going through changes for the past two decades. Since Amazon started selling books online over 2 decades ago, to digital books and the Kindle making it mainstream, to now Audio services, like Audible, becoming ever popular. This everlong industry has been forced to digitally transform at a rapid pace. Today's episode covers the other side of the industry. This episode focuses on helping writers and authors to digitally transform their writing using Artificial Intelligence. No, this doesn't mean having a computer writing your book, it means allowing you to create better book and using AI to critique your novel. Shark Bite Biz and it's host, David Strausser, brought in an incredible tech start up for this month's "Small Business Spotlight". Innovators Alessandra Torre and JD Lasica join David to discuss their new high tech platform, Authors AI and how this is going to help writers better their craft via the promise of technology.


Visit Authors AI website: and use code "sharkbite" for a super discount!


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